Our Vision

Our vision is to be St Helens’ most environmentally friendly school, creating sustainability solutions with both staff and students working together as a team and minimising our carbon footprint to support our local community.

Mission Statement

Our school’s foundation is built on our Cowleian values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. Our actions should respect our local, national and international environment and support the protection of our planet. We are responsible for protecting ourselves from the environmental crisis and looking after this planet for the next generation.

Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Cowley opens new outdoor classroom

Cowley International College Eco Charter

Five simple rules for everyone to follow to make Cowley a more sustainable schools for everyone.

  1. Use the bins, don’t drop litter
  2. Switch off lights and computers when they’re not in use
  3. Put rubbish in the correct bins, think recycling
  4. Bring a refillable water bottle as part of your equipment, use the water fountains
  5. Use less paper, think before you print


Can you use less?


Can you use it again?


Do you really need it?


Can it be recycled?

Creative Writing Competition

The Eco Committee ran a creative writing competition with the theme “plastic in our oceans”.  The calibre of entries is really impressive and we have collated all poems and short stories here:

Creative Writing

How to Inspire

‘People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure’
– David Attenborough

To ensure our students are aware of just how important our planet is, we will do all we can to inspire them to participate in whole school activities to understand more about our environment and what we can do to save it.

To contact the Cowley Eco-Committee, you can email