High Achieving Pupils (HAP)

The DfE and Ofsted define the Most Able in terms of those students ‘whose progress and attainment significantly exceed age-related expectations’.

Students who show a high level of flair and aptitude in their work at Cowley International College are identified as Higher Achieving Pupils (HAP).

These learners are identified on a yearly basis by the Head of Achievement and Assistant Headteacher and/or on a permanent basis by various forms of data.

If your son/daughter is identified as ‘High Achieving Pupil’, this means they are either already achieving a high level of success or demonstrating potential. We hope they will make good use of the opportunities for challenge in lessons and widen their experience by taking part in the extra-curricular activities.

Although it may be assumed that all Most Able students will achieve success in the education system easily, this is not always the case. Appropriate support of teachers, parents/carers and peers together is needed.

At Cowley International College, our aim is to ensure the provision of opportunities to boost the attainment, motivation and self-confidence of all students. We provide this in a number of ways:

  • Differentiated lessons
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Educational opportunities, visits and trips

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students achieve their challenging targets. However, we recognise that some students have exceptional potential and benefit from additional input to ensure they aware of their potential and the opportunities that potential offers. At Cowley International College, HAP students are offered a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities. Students are surveyed to find their needs and interests and, in recent years, this has resulted in visits to The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge; debates run by sixth form students; specialist sessions delivered by college lecturers on “How to get into Medical School”; “Forensic Psychology” and “Medical Mavericks”.

The ‘Climb to 9’ programme

Additionally, HAP students have the opportunity to partake in the ‘CLIMB TO 9’ enrichment programme. Students are exposed to a range of core and non-core subjects. This is a bespoke programme which is specifically designed to enrich and extend the educational experience and outcomes of our more able learners, ensuring they make outstanding progress and broaden their cultural capital.

Climb to 9 at KS3

Beginning in Year 6, the brightest students in each of our feeder primaries partake in enrichment activities designed to stretch and challenge them. They also have the opportunity to complete a summer project that includes challenging but enjoyable English, Mathematics, History and Geography activities.

In Year 7, the Most Able cohort are identified in September using end of Key Stage 2 SATs and CAT data. From this point, they are offered intellectual extracurricular and enrichment activities, alongside tailored and accelerated learning to ensure their education is suited to their needs and abilities, allowing them to fulfil their true potential. They will partake in 6 x 6-week projects for one hour per week after college hours. Projects are something new and different with an outcome linked to mastering a skill(s) linked to KS4. Each non-core department will deliver a project, one cycle per two academic years.

Climb to 9 at KS4

At the end of Year 9, our Most Able cohort is reviewed in order to establish our KS4 Climb to 9 cohort. Those are the students who are predicted the highest grades at GCSE/Vocational learning.

The purpose of the climb to 9 cohort at this point is to raise pupils’ aspirations and to fuel their determination to succeed to the best of their ability. It shows students that their teachers have the confidence in them to attain the highest GCSE grades.

In Year 10, students partake in a three twelve week projects for 1 hour per week after school. The Focus will be CORE subjects (English, Maths and Science). Projects outcomes link to mastering grade 9 skill linked to KS4 exams. At least one lesson per cycle will be a KS5 taster, workshop with links to industry or demonstrating career pathways.

In Year 11, weekly mentor meetings allow these like-minded students to share revision tips, exchange ideas and dispel worries.

As teachers, we want to ensure our higher achieving pupils fulfil their academic potential and that they are afforded the very best opportunities; we strive to provide this through a robust curriculum and an extensive enrichment programme.

Higher Achieving Pupils POST-16

Cowley Honours Programme (CHP) has been designed to enhance the programme of study of students achieving a minimum of 4 GCSEs graded 7 or above.

Students have the opportunity to study additional qualifications, including: Mandarin Chinese, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Core Maths. Students are enriched with a range of subject specific talks, masterclasses and participation in visits to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities.

Cowley Scholars Programme (CSP)

Students who have achieved five grade 8/9s or more at GCSE will be eligible to join the Cowley Scholars Programme (CSP), specifically designed to support you in applying to the most competitive universities. It was established in 2019 to stretch and challenge our most high achieving students.