Curriculum Help/Questions

If you have any questions about the Curriculum at Cowley, please contact: Miss Barry, Vice Principal Quality of Education by calling 01744 678 030 or by emailing Cowley’s generic email at:

Our curriculum is at the heart of all what happens at Cowley and our vision culminates in our students leaving Cowley as independent young adults who are well prepared for their next stage of learning and life.  Our curriculum should provide an authentic education for the world today via the development of knowledge, skills and the acquisition of key qualifications.  The broad aims of our curriculum provision are:

  • The development and mastery of knowledge: Progress in ‘knowing more and remembering more’ so students become successful, confident learners, who can apply this learning and achieve.
  • The centrality of equality so that all differences are cherished and celebrated with the aim that all students can flourish in and outside of the curriculum.
  • Developing self-worth so enabling all students to fulfil their potential and take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences so they may successfully progress onto their next stage of learning or training.

Underpinning these key aims are the 5 Cowleian values:

Aspirational: Having the ability to set targets, with the desire or ambition to achieve something in their lives, both for themselves and for others.

Independent: Thinking or acting for themselves and by taking responsibility for their own learning and progress. Making an individual contribution to improve the world in which we live.

Considerate: Showing awareness of the fact that they are members of a community, both in college and in the wider world. They must be ready to take into account the beliefs, feelings and viewpoints of others at all times.

Good Communicators: Working to developing the ability to listen to other people and to appreciate the value of effective communication, in their own and in other languages among peers, in the workplace and in all areas of their lives.

Healthy: Showing physical, social and mental well-being through an involvement in extracurricular activities and an active awareness of the effects of their lifestyle choices.

Positive Contributors: Positively contributing both in college and in the community. Being a positive role model to other students.