Standards Card

Every student will carry two Standards Cards

  • Cowleian Cards – Logging good behaviours
  • Standards Card – Logging concerns

Parents check should check these cards every day.

Standards Cards – recording concerns

Empty Cards mean that everything is great. A full or lost card means a detention.

If a student chooses to either have:

  • Uniform e.g. shirt out or blazer not on
  • Phone in the top pocket
  • Make up
  • Equipment
  • Jewellery
  • Energy drink
  • Out of bounds
  • Chewing gum

Staff will sign and return their card. If it is complete, the student will be issued a detention and a new card.

Cowleian Cards –recording good behaviours

When a member of staff sees a student demonstrating a Cowleian Characteristic on the corridor or at lunch or break time the staff can then sign the card.

When the card is full the Form Tutor will collect the card and log on the College SIMs system. The student will be issued with a new card.