Consequence System

This page provides a summary about our Consequence system (including details about detentions).

Rewarding good behaviour

  • When a student chooses to be well behaved the member of staff can log this as an achievement point. These achievement point totals can be viewed by students and parents.
  • The difference between a student’s behaviour and achievement point totals is their conduct/house points.
  • Students will receive certificates, gifts and vouchers when they reach identified thresholds of House points.

Dealing with poor behaviour

  • All students will at times make mistakes and make wrong choices. Students need to know that there are consequences for these choices.
  • Students choose their behaviour and therefore they choose the consequence.

Stage and Consequence

C1 Warning
C2 Second and final warning
C3 Whole College detention (30mins)
C4 Remove (1 hour detention)
C5 Internally Excluded from the site
C6 Fixed Term Exclusion followed by a reintegration meeting
C7 Permanently excluded from college


There are three types of detentions

  • C3 = 30 mins
  • C4 (C3 double) =1 hour
  • C4+ = 90 minutes

Detention notification

Students and parents will receive a letter with the date and time of the detention. Letters will be handed to students the day before to take home. Detentions will be scheduled normally one or two days following the behaviour incident.

Attendance at detention

It is the students responsibility to ensure they arrive to their detention on time, in correct uniform and with their equipment.
If a student forgets or chooses not to attend detention, the student will be ‘choosing’ a 1 hour detention. There is no further notification of this to parents as it is included in the original letter.

Lunchtime detention

Please be aware that from 27th September 2021, students will be placed on a lunchtime detention if they are late to college.  In some circumstances, there will be exemptions.  Please contact your child’s Head of Year if you have any questions.