As a College, we choose to describe children as High Achievers rather than gifted.  We have many High Achieving students and strive to cater for them at all levels.

We provide a depth of opportunities to push and challenge these students and we hope the website demonstrates this.

Use the links below to find out more about the High Achievers Programmes that we offer:

Activities for High Achievers

Speakers For Schools

Weekly online events published via website/social media for specified key stages – targeted subject Areas and invitations to subject level learners.

Hosted events for Speakers For Schools’ events

  • David Dein MBE Ambassador for the Premier League and International Ambassador for the Football Association. Former co-owner and vice-chairman of Arsenal Football Club
  • Kevin Gothelf – Business Counsel, The Cogent Partnership.
  • Sarra Mander, Chief Marketing Officer, Small Robot Company

Visits and partnership events – Year 11 focus

  • Year 11 – St Peters College , University of Oxford

Magdalene College – Cambridge

  • KS4 Students – Q & A with current undergraduates. Attendees will be able to ask their questions live, and we’ll be addressing lots of frequently asked questions too.
  • Parents’ Evening – online Q & A session, with panelists including the Academic Tutor for Recruitment, the Academic Registrar, and Magdalene College’s Chaplain.

Wider stakeholders events

  • Educating More Able Children: Guide for Parents and Carers
  • Climb to 9 celebration parental meetings

Climb to 9 programme

Commencement of the year 7 – 9 C29 – Extra-curricular Programme 

Upcoming events

St Peter’s College – University of Oxford

St Peter’s College have organised a number of virtual events to support students, parents and carers in Merseyside. Please find the links for the events and more information below:

Year 10 Session

When: Tuesday 18th January 4-5pm
What: An informative session aimed at Year 10 students thinking about higher education. Anna from St Peter’s College, Oxford University, will introduce the university and the college. This will be followed by an opportunity to ask current Oxford University students questions about student life.
Link: St Peter’s College | Year 10 Session | MS Teams

Year 12 Session

When: Wednesday 19th January 4-5pm
What: An informative session aimed at Year 12 students applying to university. Anna from St Peter’s College, Oxford University, will discuss the key steps in making a competitive application. This will be followed by a Q&A with current Oxford University students.
Link: St Peter’s College | Year 12 Session | MS Teams

Please note, individuals should not record these sessions, all questions will be moderated and these links should not be distributed to anyone other than their intended recipients. Thank you!

There is no need for individuals to register, nor do you require Teams installed on your device. Simply click the link, click ‘Watch on the web instead’ then ‘Join anonymously’ to watch the event. Please submit questions anonymously.