Y6 Induction Days

For all Year 6 who are coming to an Induction with us next week:
Monday will be your first ever day at Cowley and we are so excited to have you with us.

We understand that you may be a bit nervous about making new friends and getting around without getting lost.

We have some really great things planned for you and we promise that we include fun activities to help you to get to know other people in your class that will help you to make new friends.

As for getting lost in the building, well, you are lucky that we have a school full of helpful people and you only need to ask someone for help so that’s that problem sorted.

Now, take a deep breath, empty your mind of anything worrying you and be prepared to have a brilliant few days with us!

We are really looking forward to welcoming Y6 students for your induction/transition days with us next week!

Monday 3rd July – Orientation Day – 8:30am-2:40pm
Tuesday 4th July – Lesson Taster Day – 8:30am-2:40pm
Wednesday 5th July – Cognitive Ability Tests – 8:30am-1:30pm

Please note the earlier finish time on Wednesday 5th July. This day will finish at 1.30pm

What students need to bring

Parents – we kindly ask that your child brings with them normal school equipment:

  • full pencil case
  • school bag
  • water bottle

Please note that PE kit is not required as we are not running any PE sessions over any of the 3 days.

What students need to wear, plus details on lunch

Students should wear their primary school uniform (no jewellery / makeup is permitted).  Please bring around £3 cash for lunch (or a packed lunch if preferred).  Students can also bring a healthy snack.

What the students will be doing as part of the induction

Over the course of the three days, the children will be getting familiar with the school, enjoying some taster lessons and assemblies as well as meeting all the key staff including the Year 7 Team and Gatsby, our  lovely therapy dog 🐾

Students will get to meet their new Year 7 team: Mrs Cunliffe (Head of Achievement) and Mrs Rowland (Year Co-ordinator).

We have a fabulous team of current Year 7 students who will be helping our Year 6 throughout the day.  We incorporate this in so that our new Year 6 can chat with our current Year 7 and ask any questions that they have about Cowley.

We can’t wait to meet our new Cowleians!

A message for our parents

We know that this must be a nervous time for our Year 6 parents/carers, but we promise that we do everything we can to ensure your child has the best few days here at Cowley.