Quinta – kit list + details

The Quinta Residential trip is almost upon us, so here is the all of the final information that you should need.

On Wednesday 21st June, at 8.30am participating students should meet in the canteen with their bags for registration.

Students should bring an easily accessible packed lunch for Wednesday as this will not be provided. Students who receive free school meals will have one provided for them. Also, if your daughter/son has special dietary requirements or allergies, please ensure college is made aware of this.

We will be back at Cowley for approximately 2.30 to 3pm on Friday, but students will be able to confirm a more exact time when we are in transit.

Below is an equipment list, but if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Collins.

Any student who needs medication whilst they are away, please ensure this is in a labelled bag and handed to staff when they arrive at school. The only exception to this is inhalers, they must be kept on the child.
Any student who has not returned the EVB health form please do so ASAP as without this your child will not be able to attend the residential.

Space will be limited on the coach so please limit your baggage to a main luggage bag and a hand luggage bag for the packed lunch.

  •  A packed lunch for Wednesday (food and drink!)
  • A waterproof coat – this is ESSENTIAL as we are in Wales and will be outside for a lot of the time, rain or shine!
  •  A complete change of clothes for two days – they may get muddy/wet outside. This should include warm clothes, a spare jumper and even a hat and gloves if the weather forecast is bad!
  • Avoid jeans on daytime activities as they are cold and uncomfortable when wet. Combat trousers, leggings or tracksuit bottoms are better.
  •  A complete set of old clothes and trainers that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy during raft building.
  •  A set of evening clothes – quiz & disco.
  •  Shorts, sun cream/hat.
  •  Personal toiletries and medication (any medication must be in a bag with the students name on, and handed to staff on arrival at school)
  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  •  Large towel.
  •  Swimming costume.
  •  A sleeping bag or duvet and pillow case.
  •  Pocket money – £10 maximum for tuck shop and/or the payphone.

We recommend that students do not bring expensive ‘gadgets’ such as iPads, and apple watches. Students are allowed to bring their phones but will not be allowed to use them during the day when they are on activities. Please do not let your daughter/son bring valuable personal items or clothing that is likely to get damaged as we cannot guarantee their safety and the college cannot be held responsible for the theft or loss of goods!

Please be advised that phone coverage at Quinta is very intermittent and there is no WIFI.