Millionaire readers enjoy SuperBowl reward trip

On Monday, 10th July, 15 lower school students who are our ‘Millionaire Readers’ enjoyed a reward trip to St Helens SuperBowl.

As part of our way to celebrate the successes in reading, students who read a million words or more are rewarded.  We are immensely proud of these students’ approach to reading and congratulate them on this fantastic milestone achievement.

This year, we decided to reward our Millionaire Readers with a trip to St Helens SuperBowl.  We saw some dubious bowling strategies as part of the trip; in particular, the students who were determined to beat Mrs. Cunliffe’s score!

Bowling strategies aside, all of these students were a credit to Cowley and their behaviour and attitude during this reward trip was outstanding.

All students enjoyed some time in the arcade before heading back to school.

Mrs Piercy, Literacy Coordinator at Cowley said: “I am so proud of their dedication to reading across the year and have told the Year 7s that I hope to see them next year on the same rewards trip!”