Letter to parents/carers re: mobile phone policy

6 June 2024

Dear Parent/Carer,

Over the last term we have been responding to the Government guidance on mobile phones in schools. I last wrote to parents in April 2024 to explain the options, decision and FAQs from parents Click here to read that letter

The Cowley policy has now been written and approved by the Governing body. The policy will go live on Monday 17 June 2024. I appreciate we are building new routines and habits with students, and therefore, there will be a ‘soft launch’ for outside the building for the first three weeks. Students will not receive detentions for the first three weeks if they do not follow the policy outside the building. However, if a student persistently breaks this rule, their phone will be confiscated. The issue will be logged on ClassCharts for parents to see if their child is following the new expectations; and detentions and confiscations for outside will start in September 2024.

We have spent a significant amount of time communicating and consulting with parents, students and staff and I appreciate the positive feedback to how we are introducing this new college expectation. I am confident with a consistent approach from school and home, students will benefit from improved concentration and better outcomes due to this new phone policy.

This week, the students have received assemblies about the policy and the plan for the launch. I encourage all parents/carers to:
1. Familiarise themselves with the policy: Click here to read the policy
2. Discuss the policy with their children and help them be prepared.
3. Revisit the FAQs Click here

Yours sincerely

Mr Cormack