It all adds up for team Cowley!

FORTY NINE ‘number crunchers’ from Year 7 and 8 at Cowley International College have won medals in a UK junior maths challenge.

Earlier this year, students from Cowley joined schools from up and down the country to compete in a nationwide maths challenge. The challenge is organised by UK Mathematics Trust and requires students to use mathematical reasoning and techniques to think-outside-the-box and solve sophisticated mathematical problems.

Three Year 8 students achieved the top Gold medal by achieving an impressive 85 points respectively.

The Silver certificate, which is achieved by only 16-17% of UK entrants, was awarded to 14 Cowley students in total.  Bronze, which is achieved by only 25% of all entrants, was awarded to 32 students.

The number of Gold medals won in this challenge is a personal best for the college.  In the past, our students have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates, and many have qualified for further rounds.

A massive thank you also goes out to our brilliant maths teacher, Mrs Lloyd, for all the training and encouragement given to our competitors.  We also give thanks to the parents and carers who continue to support their daughter/son in their academic and extra-curricular endeavours.

 How the competition is scored

In the Junior and Intermediate Challenges the top scoring 50% of the entrants receive bronze, silver or gold certificates based on their mark in the paper.

  • The Gold award is achieved by the top 8-9% of the entrants.
  • The Silver award is achieved by 16-17% of the entrants.
  • The Bronze award is achieved by 25% of the entrants.