Founders’ Day 2023

Our Year 7 students participated in our annual Founders Day on Monday, 10th July.  Founders Day is an occasion to commemorate our founder, Sarah Cowley’s life and accomplishments, and to educate about the fascinating history of Cowley.

Founders Day was held in our Sixth Form building, which is full of history and was a perfect setting for the occasion.

Our Year 7 took part in a number of entertaining and interesting events, such as a treasure hunt across the Sixth Form campus to discover memorial plaques and other significant details about Cowley. In addition, students had the opportunity to experience 1950s Cowley uniform and typical Victorian food that they would have eaten in class. Students also got the chance to learn what school would have been like in the early 1900s.

Our students were really astounded by the volume of Cowley’s rich history and they particularly enjoyed scouring the photos from past years to try and find members of their own family who attended Cowley.  A highlight from the day was definitely trying on the old uniform!

Learn more about Cowley’s history here