Sixth Form students offered places at top university

Two Cowley Sixth Form College students have recently received the amazing news that they have been offered places to study Medicine at the University of Exeter.

Maja and Tanishka commented on being “happy, but quite shocked,” and “ecstatic and relieved!” after receiving the good news about their applications.

Looking forward to continuing their education in the South West, both students are full of praise for the support and encouragement they have received from staff throughout their time at Cowley Sixth Form College and especially during the application process to Exeter.

Tanishka commented: “My teachers have helped with every aspect of the application, from the actual application itself to mock interviews.”

Maja explained that she was ready for each section of the application process: “As part of the application to Exeter, we had to sit an exam that included content that we hadn’t started yet, but I felt prepared anyway thanks to all the support and help from staff at Cowley.”

The University of Exeter is part of the UK’s elite Russell Group of research-intensive universities and is globally recognised as a prestigious higher education institution of outstanding quality.

Cowley Sixth Form College Head of Achievement, Mr Dunford, commented: “We are delighted by the success of these students, and all our students who have shown grit and determination to pursue their study and career goals.

“The application process for studying Medicine at Exeter is particularly challenging and so I’d like to pass on my sincere congratulations to both Maja and Tanishka for their hard work and dedication in achieving their places.”

Both students are part of the College’s high achievers Scholars Programme, which provides an extensive range of subject-based and extra-curricular activities and support for academic high-flyers. The programme includes specific help with the application and selection processes for the most prestigious universities such as Oxbridge, other Russell Group universities and medical schools.

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We sat down for a Q & A with Maja and Tanishka about how they’re feeling about the exciting news, here’s what they had to say:

How are you feeling about being offered the place to study Medicine at Exeter?

T – I am really happy, quite shocked, but happy!
M – Ecstatic and also relieved!

What support did you have from the Sixth Form with your application?

T – Loads!  Everyone has been so helpful. Subject teachers helped with every aspect, from the actual application through to mock interviews.

M – Same. I received a lot 1-to-1 mock interview help from Mrs Faulkner. As part of the application to Exeter we had to sit an exam that included content that we haven’t started yet, but I felt prepared anyway thanks to all the support and help from staff.

In the build up to finding out how you had got on with your application, how did you feel?

M – Stressed! The process takes months. It was a relief to finally find out.

T – Really nervous.

Has the offer given you a boost?

M – Definitely. I personally feel that I have got something to work towards.

Have you enjoyed being on the Cowley Sixth Form Scholars’ programme?

T – It has been enjoyable and has definitely been a contributing factor in how confident I felt in preparing to apply to university.

What opportunities have you had as part of the Scholars programme?

M – I have attended a number of undergraduate lectures on a wide range of subjects. As well as this, the Cambridge residential helped to give me an insight into life at a top university.

T – Same. To add, as part of the Scholars programme, we are given a selection of books that really helped with talking about different topics at interviews.

Do you think that the programme impacted on your successful application?

T – Yes, 100%

M – Definitely.  I’ve had lots of support that has been continuous from Year 12.

Any other comments

M – I am really grateful to the college.