mental health resources

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust is an organisation that Cowley has linked with to provide additional mental health and wellbeing support and resources for parents/carers as well as our students.

Please find below some resources from the Charlie Waller Trust website that you may find useful.

Five Ways to Wellbeing posters – Five posters – one for each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. Each poster describes the ‘way’ and gives some ideas that relate to it.

Starting University – Some students are enthusiastic optimists and some are anxious worriers – this booklet provides useful advice and information for both, and everyone in between.

Supporting a child with anxiety – If your child is experiencing high levels of anxiety, it can be worrying for you as a parent or carer. This booklet will help you understand anxiety more clearly and begin to address it.

Wellbeing Action Plan – A simple plan to help you keep yourself well and get you through difficult times.

Wellbeing Action Plan (Aged 16+) – The Wellbeing Action Plan is for all young people attending sixth form or college, whether or not they have experienced mental health issues. It’s a practical tool that helps students think about how to look after their mental health, when they may need support and where to seek help.

Coping with self harm – Developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, this guide includes information on the nature and
causes of self-harm and how to support a young person for parents and carers.

Perfectionism – How to spot and respond to unhealthy perfectionism.

Asking for help – Tips for young people on when it’s time to talk about their mental health, or if they want to help a friend.

Social media and teenagers – Together, we can build digitally healthy households, practically and positively. Let’s explore how.

Parents guide to depression – This booklet aims to help parents and carers recognise and understand depression and how to get appropriate help for their child.