Mandarin Chinese

All Year 12 Cowley International College students have the opportunity to study this fascinating language.

Classes usually take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to avoid other timetabled lessons.

The course consists of a one-hour lesson per week over 30 weeks. The students will gain competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

This represents a unique opportunity for Cowley students. The course is highly enjoyable and includes many interesting speaking and listening tasks as well as a formal introduction to the written language.

Students will learn to construct Chinese characters and will quickly develop accurate reading skills. Successful completion of the course may certainly impress future employers and university admissions staff.

Assessment is by means of an end of year examination. This examination, the HSK level 1, is an internationally recognised qualification that also carries UCAS points.

The HSK examination is officially recognised by the Chinese government and is often used as a criteria for visa applications for those wanting to work in China.

All Cowley Honours Programme students can access the course automatically, but there are also additional places available for any suitably enthusiastic students. For further details please contact Mr Edwards.