climb to 9

This is a bespoke programme specifically designed to enrich and extend the educational experience and outcomes of our high achieving learners, ensuring they make outstanding progress.

 What we aim to do is offer a programme of enrichment from Year 7 through to Year 11, one evening as a period 6

At the end of each year, we would have a graduation evening, to move through to the next year by reaching certain criteria.

•Maintain high achievement point score

•Maintain attendance >96%

•Maintain individual progress in line with flightpath toward Progress Target.

Lower School

•6, 6 Week projects – 1 hour per week

•Aim to bring in a guest speaker/worker for each project.

•Projects are something new and different with an outcome linked to mastering a skill(s) linked to KS4.

•Each department will deliver a project, 1 cycle per 2 academic years.

Upper school

•3, 12 week projects for years 9&10 – 1 hour per week.

•Focus on CORE subjects – projects outcome should link to mastering grade 9 skill linked to KS4 exams.

•1 lesson per cycle will be a KS5 taster, run by guest speaker.

•1 lesson per cycle has a guest speaker with links to industry, demonstrating career pathways.

Please note upper school climb to 9 has not yet been launched. (September 2020)