Aspiring Mathematicians Take Part in Masterclasses

Two aspiring mathematicians in Year 9 have been adding to their learning by attending the Mathematics Education on Merseyside (MEM) Masterclasses.

Tom Curley and Rhys Crehan were nominated by the Maths department for their enthusiasm and ability in the subject and, over the past couple of months, have attended four Masterclasses across the region to enhance their learning.

The sessions included activities on Roman numerals, origami, bridge building, fun mathematical puzzles as well as a spot of maths juggling from guest speaker, Colin Wright.

Both students commented that the juggler was their favourite part of the experience, stating that he was “really interesting and funny”.

Reflecting on the experience, Tom said: “At the beginning, I was quite nervous, but I settled as soon as I got there.

“It wasn’t like a test, it was all about finding enjoyment from maths. I’ve learned a lot and found it very enjoyable and am thinking about studying maths after high school.”

Rhys added: “Like Tom, I was nervous at first, especially with it being in a university setting, but there was tonnes of help which eased the nerves.

“It was an experience I enjoyed, seeing how maths is used outside of school and as part of a career.”

During the final session, the students received a presentation in one of the university lecture theatres where they collected a certificate, pen and some maths books.

The College would like to thank the students’ parents for their fantastic support of this programme.