Waterside Training (Apprenticeships)

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An Apprenticeship is an excellent option for any student looking to start a career in either Manufacturing or Electrical/Mechanical Engineering. It is a very good alternative for any student that doesn’t want to go to university, as it gives a good opportunity to experience “real life” practical skills alongside earning and learning a qualification up to HNC.

There are several vacancies already available on their website; visit Apprenticeship Vacancies (waterside-training.co.uk) to find out more information on the following opportunities now available.

We expect more vacancies to be added to their website soon, so keep an eye out for them. (Note; above date in brackets, denotes closing date for each vacancy).

Interested students can find vacancies on either the Waterside website by following the links below;

Apprenticeship Vacancies (waterside-training.co.uk)

or on the government website;

Find an apprenticeship (findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk)