The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a recognised and certified award that you achieve by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections  (or five if you’re going for Gold).

These sections are:

  • Volunteering – helping someone, your community or the environment
  • Physical – becoming fitter through sport, dance or fitness activities
  • Skills – developing existing talents or trying something new
  • Expedition – planning, training for and completing an adventurous journey
  • Residential (Gold only) – staying and working away from home as part of a team

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is very popular at Cowley and we receive on average more than 100 applications each year to join.  With activities as varied as climbing, canoeing, archery, kayaking, mountaineering, hockey, rugby, netball, dog walking, horse riding and recycling we can see why the Award is so popular!

How long will it take me?
It will usually take you at least 6 months to complete your Bronze programme. It will take you at least 6 months for Silver if you’ve already achieved your Bronze, or 12 months if you’ve jumped straight into Silver. For Gold, you’ll need to do your programme for at least 12 months if you’ve got your Silver Award, or 18 months if you’ve started at Gold level without doing Silver- even if you’ve done Bronze.

We’ve put the length of time in months – you need to show regular activity and commitment during this time of at least an hour a week. You can’t achieve an Award in a short burst of enthusiasm over one weekend!

Remember, all activities for a D of E programme MUST be completed by your 25th birthday.

Once you’ve done the minimum amount of time needed to complete your D of E programme, we’re sure that you’ll have had so much fun that you’ll want to keep on doing your activities!

Why do it?
Good question!  Because, from the first day to the last it’s a real adventure.  Every section gives you something different – that’s the fun of it!

You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself and meet loads of people just like you.  Plus you’ll do things you love and get a kick out of.  It’s a real buzz!

If you wish to be part of something that’s rewarding and exciting, then speak with Mr Livesey.

Kit list
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