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Here, we take a closer look at the Physics A-level course offered at Cowley Sixth Form and we asked one of our students to give us a bit more insight into the course, what’s involved and what it’s like studying it here at Cowley.

When did you first consider studying Physics at sixth form?

In year 11, I realised I really enjoyed science and found it fascinating, so I knew I wanted to continue a science in sixth form. I could have chosen any of the sciences to study, but I knew I also wanted to study Maths, so I decided I would study Physics alongside Maths as they go hand in hand with each other – and I am very glad I did because I now enjoy Physics immensely.

What was it that captured your interest in the subject?

I love learning about how and why things work – be it as small as a quark or as big as the universe – so I have always been interested in Physics, but if I were to pinpoint what captured my interest, I would say it was reading books about space when I was younger.

What has surprised you most about the subject?

How Physics is at the heart of everything – there are many things you might take for granted every day that, without the help from Physics, would not exist, even something as simple as a lightbulb.

Physics is a course with a high level of mathematical content. How have you coped with this aspect of the course?

As I also study A-Level Maths, I find that the mathematical content in Physics is difficult as expected but is certainly manageable, particularly with the help from the great teachers.

If you are struggling with a question/topic what support is available?

Your teachers are just an email away if you are struggling with anything, yet if you still cannot grasp it, they will certainly help you in class if you ask. I also find that fellow classmates can help if you are struggling.

What do you enjoy most about the lessons?

I look forward to every one of my Physics lessons because you leave every lesson knowing something fascinating that you did not know before, so it is always interesting.

What have you found the most challenging? 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand a new concept immediately, but you can always get help from your teachers or peers.

What advice would you give someone thinking of taking the subject at Cowley Sixth Form College?

It is a very academic subject but, as a result, it is extremely rewarding, so if you have any interests in the subject, give it a go, especially as A-Level Physics is so diverse and can provide many paths for your future.

If you had to pick your subjects again, would you still pick Physics? If yes, why? If no, why not? 

Yes, because I really enjoy it and it has guided me onto what career path I am I really interested in.

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