spotlight on… geography

We take a closer look at A-Level Geography which is available for you to study here at Cowley Sixth Form.

We asked one of our current students to give us a bit of insight into the course, what’s involved and what it’s like studying it here at Cowley Sixth Form College.

When did you first consider studying Geography A Level at sixth form?

Throughout the GCSE period when I was still doing history.

What was it that captured your interest in the subject?

The human geography side, throughout GCSEs, friends always told me how interesting it was and helping them revise made me interested in taking it as an A level.

What has surprised you most about the subject?

That it doesn’t matter that I didn’t do Geography GCSE, they teach the course from scratch which was extremely helpful.

Coursework is an important part of Geography A Level, what support have you received for this?

When doing coursework, it is taught in class and content is put on pause for a few weeks whilst you complete it so we have full hours to ask for advice which is a great support with it.

If you are struggling with a question/topic what support is available?

When I’m struggling, I am able to just email my teachers and they typically get back within a day.

What do you enjoy most about the lessons?

I like that the atmosphere is very calm and relaxed, it’s easier to learn in that kind of environment. My favourite thing to learn about in lessons is the human geography and I’ve really enjoyed doing my coursework because it’s really interesting.

What have you found the most challenging? 

Doing physical fieldwork techniques as I did not have practice from GCSE.

What advice would you give someone thinking of taking the subject at Cowley Sixth Form College?

Ask for advice and help whenever you can, in class or through email, it really helps.

If you had to pick your subjects again, would you still pick Geography A Level? If yes, why? If no, why not? 

I would still pick Geography because I find it really interesting and I enjoy going to class and revising the subjects.

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