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Here, we take a closer look at our Games Development BTEC Level 3 course which is available for you to study here at Cowley Sixth Form.

We have fantastic facilities here at Cowley Sixth Form, and this is a incredibly popular course.

We asked one of our current students, Daniel, to give us a bit of insight into what Games Development is all about, what’s involved and what it’s like studying here at Cowley Sixth Form College.

When did you first consider studying Games Development at sixth form?

I decided to choose Games Development in sixth form because I had already chose this course in high school.

What was it that captured your interest in the subject?

The thing which most captured my interest in Games Development was being able to create my own game and to think of a story. I also enjoy learning about how games work, for example, the game engines.

What has surprised you most about the subject?

The resources available here to enable us to make our games, the facilities at Cowley Sixth Form are really excellent and helps us to create the best games we possibly can.

The course is varied with many different elements to it. Is this a challenge or does the variety make the course more interesting and allow more opportunity to demonstrate your talents?

I think it definitely makes the course more interesting, as I can create my own game whilst also learning about other aspects of game development such as finances and marketing which is really useful.

If you are struggling with a question/topic what support is available?

We have a lot of video tutorials available which can help support our learning, while the teachers and fellow students are always available to help.

What do you enjoy most about the lessons?

I enjoy the design aspect of Games Development the most as well as being able to play through my game and working on how to improve the game play.

What have you found the most challenging? 

Personally, I have found being creative with my game levels the most challenging, but it is is still enjoyable.

What advice would you give someone thinking of taking the subject at Cowley Sixth Form College?

If you are thinking of taking Games Development, you definitely should do so because there are many different topics covered, not just the making of a game. There are course work aspects looking at finances and marketing if you find that more enjoyable than designing and creative a game. It also links nicely with other subject choices such as Computing or Business as there are many overlapping topics covered.

If you had to pick your subjects again, would you still pick Creative Media? If yes, why? If no, why not? 

Yes, I would pick this course again because I enjoy the variety. The amount that I have learned about Games Development from this course has made me more interested to continue with this in the future.

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