Sixth Form Registration Form

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    Other Key Contact 1

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    Exam concession(s)


    This form explains the reasons why and how Cowley Sixth Form College may use images and videos of you. Please read the form and outline your agreement as appropriate.

    During your child’s time at Cowley, we may wish to take photographs of activities that involve your child. The photographs may be used for displays, promotional material, our website, social media and in the newspaper.

    Filming or photography will only take place with the permission of the Director of Sixth Form and under appropriate supervision. When filming or photography is carried out by the news media, children will only be named if there is a particular reason to do so (e.g. they have won a prize), and home addresses will never be given out. Images that might cause embarrassment or distress will not be used, nor will images be associated with materials on issues that are sensitive.

    Before taking any photographs of your child for these purposes, we need your consent. This is necessary to comply with data protection laws (i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation).

    Please note that there may be other circumstances, falling outside the normal day-to-day activities of the College, in which pictures of children are requested. The College recognises that, in such circumstances, specific consent from a parent or guardian will be required before filming or photography of children can be permitted.

    You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawing your consent will not affect any images or videos that have been shared prior to withdrawal. If you would like to withdraw your consent, you must submit your request in writing to Mrs Weldon, Mrs Corbett or Mrs Faulkner.


    Consent form for college trips and other off-site activities.
    This form covers consent for all off site activities for the duration of your daughter/son’s time at Cowley Sixth Form College.

    Off-site educational visits are an extremely beneficial aspect of education and personal development. In particular, such activities broaden the experiences encountered within a classroom environment.

    The trips and activities covered by this consent include residential trips during the holidays or a weekend, adventure activities at any time, off-site sporting fixtures outside College hours. The College will send you information about each trip/activity before it takes place.

    You can, if you wish, tell the college that you do not want the student to take part in any particular school trip or activity.

    Written parental consent will not be requested from you for the majority of off-site activities offered by the College – for example, year-group visits to local amenities – as such activities are part of the College’s curriculum and usually take place during the normal College day.

    Please sign and date the form below if you are happy for your daughter/son:

    a) To take part in college trips and other activities that take place off college premises; and
    b) To be given first aid or urgent medical treatment during any college trip or activity.

    Please complete the medical information section (if applicable) and sign and date this form if you agree to the above.

    Medical information

    Please print your name, sign and date

    Emergency Contact Information

    It is also imperative that we maintain up-to-date emergency contact information should we need to contact you in the event of an emergency.

    Please provide the information below and advise us immediately should these details change:


    The college uses biometrics as its preferred way of identifying students when using the catering service.

    The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 requires us to have written parental consent. In order for the student to use the biometric system, the written consent of at least one parent is required. However, should one parent consent and the other disagree, the information will not be used. If permission is not given for the use of biometric data, a card will be used. For more about biometric data, visit the website and read cashless catering information:

    Please print your name, sign and date



    IT Acceptable Use Policy
    Please read the IT Acceptable Use Policy including Bring Your Own Device on the college website:

    Student User Agreement Form for the Student Acceptable Use Policy

    I agree to follow the school rules on the use of the school’s ICT and network resources. I will use them in a responsible way and observe all the conditions explained in the school acceptable use policy in the spirit of the school’s ethos and code of conduct.

    I agree to report any misuse of the network to a member of staff.

    I also agree to report any websites that are available on the school internet that contain inappropriate material to a member of staff.

    If I do not follow the rules, I understand that this may result in loss of access to these resources as well as other disciplinary action. I realise that students under reasonable suspicion of misuse in terms of time and consent may have their usage monitored, their past use investigated and parents/carers will be informed.

    Please print your name, sign and date