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The Science Department at Cowley International College would like to thank all our dedicated young scientists for their hard work completing their Science Remote Learning so far this year! As a department, we facilitate several online resources for students to learn from home, including (but not limited to) Educake, Oak Academy, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPoint, YouTube and BBC Bitesize.

Instructions for Accessing Science Remote Learning

  • Follow your normal school timetable. Whenever you are scheduled to have a Science lesson, open Microsoft Teams.
  • On Microsoft Teams, go to Assignments and look for an Assignment/ Live Lesson set by the teacher you would normally have at this time.
  • Each Science teacher has set work unique to your class, which will be detailed in this assignment. This work follows on closely with what you were last learning in school. Please read these assignments carefully so you know how to access your learning and which tasks you need to complete.
  • Lastly, remember to submit your work. Your teacher will provide instructions on how to do this. It may be by completing an Educake task, ‘Turning In’ your assignment on Microsoft Teams or participating in another way. 

If you have any questions or queries about Science Remote Learning please contact the Cowley Science Department via email at: