1How will the college ensure hygiene and social distancing is in place for the Y10 & Y12 return?The college is following guidance from the DfE and LA. Students will be placed in ‘bubbles’ where they will remain for the all their lessons.  These bubbles are very small classes to ensure the students are spaced out. Entering the college students will notice many reminders about social distancing and personal hygiene. All staff and students’ temperatures will be taken on arrival.  Any student with a high temperature will be isolated and parents contacted to collect student for a test We have purchased additional hand sanitiser.  Break and lunch times will be staggered to reduce contact between the different bubbles
2My child is not in Y10 or Y12.  What is the plan for him/her?Home learning will continue.  Work will be set on the website and there are going to be increased ‘online’ lessons using Microsoft Teams and via our You Tube channel
3Will staff be wearing PPE?Everyone has the choice to wear PPE if they desire.  Staff will be following social distancing procedures
4Will students be wearing PPE?Everyone has the choice to wear PPE if they desire.  Students will be reminded regularly about social distancing procedures
5Should my child wear uniform?We will be continuing the national drive for daily exercise.  Students are required to wear their PE kit (or similar suitable sports kit) each day
6What will happen at break and lunch times?Students will be allowed out of classrooms at different times to visit the canteen and the playground. Students will be required to wash their hands before and after break and lunch
7Will the buses be running?Many of the buses are running.  However, we recommend that students do not use public transport.  In the event that the use of public transport is unavoidable, students are required to wear face coverings and to maintain strict social distancing.   If students are being brought to school by car, please drop off on Hard Lane / Gamble Avenue.
8Will the children be taught by their normal teachers?Due to the reduced staff sizes most students will not be taught by their normal teacher
9What kind learning will my child be doing while at collegeA timetable where key subjects will be taught.  Heads of Departments will be deciding the content of the lesson.
10Should my child complete other home learning if they come into college?Yes – the small amount of time in college is to supplement the time learning at home.  All work is shared on the website and through Microsoft Teams
11My child is not in Y10 or Y12.  I am not required return to work.  Should I send them back to school?The college has been open every day since the lockdown started to support those parents who are key workers.  If you are a key worker and your child who is in Year 7, 8 or 9 needs supervising during the day then please contact the college.
12How will the staff deal with students who do not follow the social distancing proceduresThe behaviour system at Cowley is very clear with the most important requirement being “to follow the instructions of members of staff”.  The most important instruction that we will give during this time is that of following social distancing procedures.  If students repeatedly refuse or their actions are deliberately putting other students, staff and visitors at risk they will be excluded from college.
13What should be my child bring to college each day?Students should not bring any equipment with them to school, nor should they take anything home with them at the end of the day. All equipment will be provided for their use in school.
14Where will my child be taught?You child will taught in a single classroom.  Allocated teachers will teach that specific ‘bubble’ in the same room
15What if my child develops Covid 19 systems while in collegeThe student will be isolated and parents will be called to immediately collect them.  Parents would be required to arrange a test and keep the college updated. The student would have to be kept at home until the result of the test was known. All other students in their bubble will need to isolate. Parents will be contacted the same day.
16What if my child develops symptoms at home?Please do not send them into college.  Contact the college so we can contact other parents. Please arrange a test and keep us updated on developments.
17What if someone in my household shows COVID 19 symptomsPlease do not send your child into college.  Contact the college so we can contact other parents. Please arrange a test and keep us updated on developments.
18Can my child change to another bubble?The bubble will be set from the first day and students will remain in this for the rest of the term.
19How does the college ensure students are following social distancing before and after college?It is important that students make their way direct to college and home.  Students should not visit shops or friends.  We need to limit the contact the students have to an absolute minimum.  
20What if my child is worried and needs to talk to someone?The year team and other staff are available before we return and during the day your child is in.  Please contact the college.