Parenting Teens

We run a number of 7-week programmes  throughout the year for parents/carers that are delivered during the day, on an evening, at weekends in and out of term time.

We will place information on the home page of this website, on our twitter account (@cowleian) and in our newsletter with dates of when this programme once they have been scheduled for 2017.

Why do the course?

Parenting teenagers is harder than ever for most parents today. We are the main influence on our teenagers’ future. Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference.  Setting healthy boundaries, helping to develop communication skills and teaching them how to make good choices takes skill and dedication. Taking time to reflect on our end goal can help us to build our relationship with our teenagers now.

The staff team at Cowley are very approachable and we are here to support you to support your teen.

Week 1 – Introduction This is a very informal meeting of all parent/carers who are interested in the programme.  The staff team will inform you of the course content, then you decide if it is for you.

Week 2 – Where do I start

We address attention seeking behaviour, showing inadequacies, approval of friends, excitement and avoiding he bait.

Week 3 – When listening helps Learn how to listen effectively, the importance of listening, active listening, playing back feelings and reading the signs.

Week 4 – What encourages Teenagers? How we make things worse for teens, other ways of discouraging teens, positive parenting, the power of encouragement, how to encourage positively, to encourage with words and how we can encourage with active listening.

Week 5 – Managing conflict The value of speaking personally, to work on myself, why things go wrong, handling difficult situations, steps for dealing with conflict, understanding each other, the importance of timing, presenting your ideas, gathering ideas, help your teen to choose first, agree on details, how things work out, but my teen won’t talk and teens and step families.

Week 6 – Teenagers and conflict Are my methods of discipline working? Encourage self-discipline, discipline starts with communication, effective ways to discipline, learning from consequences, keeping sense of proportion, the need for limits, staying firm, challenging teens and thinking up consequences.

Week 7 – The healthy family One kind of healthy family, a better head start, why do we neglect communication? Lone parenting, family meetings and how do we make a start.

Comments made by parent/carers who have previously completed a 7 week  Parenting Teens programme

“My skills as a parent improved by the end of the course.”


“I would definitely recommend the course to other parents/carers.”


“Very informative and informal. The course was useful also as I realised my problems aren’t isolated as other parents were experiencing the same thing.”


“Whether you have problems at the moment or not, this course will help you and your teen get on with each other better.”