Mathematics Curriculum

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Due to the current situation, departmental curriculum plans are not currently available.

Here is the Cowley COVID resuming plan as an interim guide.

Curriculum aim

To develop our students mathematical knowledge.

We aim to grow and develop our student’s knowledge of mathematic methods, concepts, facts and terminology as well as the applications and history of the subject.

To develop our students mathematical abilities and skills.

We aim to grow our students mental, written and calculation skills. To develop their abilities to understand and interpret mathematical information to see and use links between different areas of the mathematical curriculum and to apply skills in a practical way.

To develop our students problem solving abilities. 

We aim to develop learners that can apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems. To be able to analyze and break down complex questions.

To develop our students social and communication skills 

We aim to develop articulate learners that can effectively work together. Students who can produce quality written work that gets across their thinking and reasoning. We want our students to become confident communicating ideas and concepts.

Curriculum structure

To ensure all our learners begin their studies at Cowley at the right level and that pace, challenge and progress are implicit in all their lessons.       

We keep close ties with our primary colleagues, ensuring our schemes of work follow on from theirs and that pupils prior learning is respected and utilized. Schemes of work have been differentiated to ensure all pupils start at an appropriate point and progress at a challenging but achievable pace.  Information about SEN learners needs are shared and teachers ensure that needs are met.

To ensure our pupils follow an appropriate course of study allowing continuity between all year groups

Developing deeper understanding is the mantra of our KS3 scheme of work this comes in the form of our APE tasks, next step marking and our teachers questioning skills. Throughout KS3we aim to build a platform from which pupils can grow and excel at GCSE. Lessons are not prescribed to teachers, instead we encourage teachers to plan their own lessons and express their expertise through a rich variety of resources is available to teachers and is regularly promoted. We are a close nit department at Cowley working collaboratively and sharing ideas is common practice. Curriculum content is largely delivered by the end of year 10 allowing pupils to develop deeper understanding in year 11 through problem solving and through a growing awareness of the interconnectedness of maths and its mathematical applications. Effective use of ICT is a key component of learning at KS4 from online apps such as DESMOS to building calculator skills. Our Pupils arrive at KS5 prepared for the step up to A-Level and Core maths. Subject expertise is excellent within our KS5 team.


To ensure our pupils progress is closely tracked and that intervention is utilized when necessary

Assessment takes place at regular intervals and tests for a range of skills and abilities. Teachers ensure record keeping is accurate. Data is analyzed from the perspective of the individual pupil, the class, student groups and the department. All assessments are followed up with pupils self-evaluation. Teachers use assessment data to enhance their planning. Where gaps are found interventions take place.

To ensure our pupils develop Independent Learning Skills

Homework is central to what we do. High quality homework is set every week and high expectations are put on pupil participation. Online homework systems are used to set and track pupil’s homework in years 7 to 10. Teachers intervene when homework is not done and assistance is given. In year 11 homework is focused on exam questions, through this next steps are set and pupils are encouraged to learn from and improve on mistakes. In school revision sessions are available for all our pupils and resources are provided for out of school revision.

To ensure our pupils get regular feedback and are aware of their progress

At KS3 books are marked regularly through this process pupils are informed of their progress, praise is given, individual next steps questions are set and presentation issues are addressed.  At KS4 files are used in order for pupils to build up an effective revision resources. These are marked regularly next step exam questions are set as part of this progress.  At KS3 marking is centered on homework tasks from which next steps questions are set. Following assessments pupils complete an analysis exercise, from which they identify areas to work on and then get opportunities to do so.

Curriculum in action

Curriculum Beyond the Classroom
We aim to ensure our students broaden their awareness of the applications of math’s and it’s use in the real world and outside the school curriculum.

  • Throughout the school year we run Numeracy days. These include…
    • the Stock Market Challenge
    • Safe Cracking
    • Go Racing at Haydock racecourse.
    • The 24’s game
    • Visits from the happy puzzle company
    • PGL maths experience
  • We encourage excellence through our involvement in the UK maths challenge
  • We regularly attend maths open days at local universities

Subject Expertise
Of the 15 members of the Cowley maths team 14 of us are maths specialists with maths or maths related degrees. We are a close team who enjoy spending time together professionally and socially. Collaboration runs through all we do and we have supported one another in developing our expertise. In recent years we have focused on questioning, teaching for a deeper understanding, calculator use, whiteboard expertise, marking amongst others. Together we develop resources and share pedagogy. Staff too are encouraged to be involved in maths events outside of the school. Staff at Cowley are involved in..

  • Maths Hubs
  • Local authority networks
  • Partnerships with local schools
  • Exam marking and roles within exam boards
  • Taking a lead role in new initiatives within the area

Our ambitions for our students are high. We aim to get all students through GCSE with at least a grade 4 pass and we encourage all students to continue with some form of maths in the 6th form. Approx. 60 of our most able students each year go on to study A-Level maths either with us or with other providers. We now offer core maths to support students with other maths related A-levels and also enjoy success with our resit programme. Our pas rate here is well above national averages. Many of learners go onto study maths or maths related degrees at university and through our programme of university visits for ks4 and ks5 students we encourage this.