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STEM & Medicine Career Opportunities For Ages 12-18

At UCL in November & December

Architecture I Dentistry I Engineering I Forensic Science I Investment Banking I Medicine I Psychology I Software Engineering I Vet I Video Game Design 

We are delighted to offer your students opportunities in 9 STEM & Medicine-related industries at UCL this term. The programmes are an excellent opportunity for students to test-drive a career before committing to it, and receive tailored advice from successful professionals. Highlights include:

– Practise stitching up a wound
– Design the engineering to take humans to Mars
– Observe a clinical psychology assessment
– Design your own video game

Plus, Q&A time with all the professionals and guidance on university choices, interviews and applications.

Summer Career Experiences For Ages 12-18

Our Summer Experiences offer the ultimate, 360-degree experience of professional life for ages 12-18. Students will undertake immersive work experience activities in top industry sites across London, including hospitals, courtrooms, skyscrapers, film sets and much more.

Students can register for these now at a 15% discount.