Safeguarding & Support


Caring for our students. Building strong and long lasting relationships with parents/carers is a major strength of the College and we attribute the quality of the care we provide to taking the time to get to know each students’ family.

The welfare and social development of all students is an important part of their whole education and the College believes it is vital to provide a secure, stable, consistent and caring environment in which the needs of each student can be met.

Carers – information for young carers
Safeguarding – About and key contacts at Cowley
Cowley’s Parenting Teens programme
SEND Policy
SEND: Guide for Parents/Carers
SEN Information Report (School Offer)March 2016
SHARP System – information about and a web link to
St Helens Parent/Carer Confidence Course 2018
Year teams – take a look at the Head of Achievement and
Year co-ordinator for each Year Group

Keeping Children Safe in Education 5th September 2016
Support for Students – Whether it’s sex, drugs, bullying or someone to talk to, there are people ready to help. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

YouNow Parents’ Guide – Information about YouNow a live-streaming social network. This guide is to help parents understand this video chat service and to be aware of serious issues such as inappropriate content and the sharing of personal information.

Support Events taking place over the next few weeks/months

Looking to quit smoking? There’s help and support available from the NHS, take a look