High Achieving students (hap)

Higher Achieving Pupils (HAP)
At Cowley International College  we are dedicated to ensuring that all students achieve their challenging targets. However, we recognise that some students have exceptional potential and benefit from additional input to ensure they aware of their potential and the opportunities that potential offers.  

At Cowley International College HAP students are offered a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities. Students are surveyed to find their needs and interests and in recent years this has resulted in visits to The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge; debates run by sixth form students; specialist sessions delivered by college lecturers on “How to get into Medical School”; “Forensic Psychology” and “Medical Mavericks”. Additionally, HAP students have the opportunity to partake in the ‘CLIMB TO 9’ enrichment programme.

Students are exposed to a range of core and none core subjects. This is a bespoke programme is specifically designed to enrich and extend the educational experience and outcomes of our more able learners, ensuring they make outstanding progress and broaden their cultural capital.

What does Higher achieving pupils mean?
Students who show a high level of flair and aptitude in their work at Cowley International college are identified as Most Able.

These learners are identified on a yearly basis by the Head of Achievement and Assistant Head teacher and/or on a permanent basis by Key Stage 2 results.

If your son/daughter has been identified this year as ‘High Achieving Pupil’ this means they are either already achieving a high level of success or demonstrating potential. We hope they will make good use of the opportunities for challenge in lessons and widen their experience by taking part in the extra-curricular activities.

Although it may be assumed that all Most Able students will achieve success in the education system easily, this is not always the case. Appropriate support of teachers, parents/carers and peers together is needed.

At Cowley International College our aim is to ensure the provision of opportunities to boost the attainment, motivation and self-confidence of all students. We provide this in a number of ways:

Differentiated lessons

Extra-curricular activities

Educational opportunities, visits and trips