GCSE Grading System

You may have heard on the news that the way GCSEs are graded for current Year 11 for English and Mathematics will be 9-1, rather than A* – U.

All other GCSE subjects will have this new grading system from the current Year 10.

Below is a diagram that shows the current GCSE grading system (A*-U) and the grading equivalent (9-U).


Why has the grading system changed?

The new system is intended to help provide more differentiation,
especially among higher achieving students, also the 9-1 grading will more accurately reflect the differentiation between students’ abilities and achievements in each subject compared to the previous A* to U scale.

As mentioned, the current Year 11 will have the new grading present on GCSE exam results slips, but by 2018, all GCSE results will use the new system.

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