The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a course that gives students the opportunity to study a subject of their choice in depth.

Students are taught the core skills to form an argument, research valuable sources, analyse texts, manage projects and extend writing. Students then work independently, but with support and guidance from a supervisor, to apply the newly taught skills to the subject they have chosen to research.

During the course, students will develop their analytical skills to produce their project. This can be either a research report (which will be 5,000 words in length) or a production (accompanied by a 1000 word report).

You will:

  • Have an excellent command of a topic to quote on your university application and to discuss at interview
  • Improve your personal development and confidence
  • Acquire extra vital UCAS points which provide insurance for university conditional offers

Did you know?

EPQ will add value to your university application.

It is a formal ‘level 3’ qualification that attracts slightly higher UCAS Tariff points than an AS-Level.

EPQ provides very clear evidence that you have interests which go beyond the classroom.

EPQ demonstrates that you are capable of independent reading, research, and essay writing that is the mainstay of most undergraduate degrees