Here, you will find out about our broad and exciting range of extracurricular activities available for students at Cowley International College.

From sport to music, from trips to academic activities, we have something for everyone!

Extracurricular Enrichment Timetable

The full calendar of enrichment activities for the Autumn Term 1B (November – December) can be found below.

Click the images below to expand to see the daily enrichment activities during the Autumn term

Benefits of Enrichment

  1. Freedom and passion – Extracurricular activities are a great outlet for students. These activities are a way for you to find something you are really interested in, which you can dedicate yourself to with passion and focus; and, for some, this can turn into a profession of choice or a lifelong hobby.
  2. Improved academic performance – Research shows that participation in extracurricular activities improves academic performance when it comes to reading, mathematics, exam grades and the general attitude towards your own education.
  3. Encourage student progress – Being good at something is one of the best ways for a student to build self-confidence. Once you discover something that interests you, you’re encouraged to develop it, to compete and explore, getting better and better at an activity while acquiring precious self-confidence which can later easily be transferred to other areas of life and study.
  4. Advanced social skills – Taking part in enrichment can help develop skills such as friendship, communication, team work, resilience, understanding and tolerance, all things you can use in your day-to-day lives in and out of school and are skills employers will be looking for.
  5. HAVING FUN! – This is the key aspect of our Enrichment programme. All the activities are designed to be fun so you’ll enjoy taking part and take something positive away from them. So, if you haven’t already, check out the Enrichment timetable (click here) and get involved today!

Cowley In The Community

We’d also love to hear what our students are doing outside of college and your achievements away from Cowley.

Cowley In The Community is a college newsletter feature which focuses on the great things our students are doing outside of college, whether it’s a sporting medal, musical moment, charity fundraiser or anything else in between, we want to hear about it!

Please email your stories and photos to accompany them, to marketing@cowleysthelens.org.uk.

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