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The English Department is ambitious for every student, so a range of tasks and resources have been made available for students working from home. We would expect every student to be complete at least 4 hours a week of English work including independent reading of a book. Please follow your normal timetable and complete the lesson-by-lesson tasks which are set for all students on Microsoft Teams.

Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will now participate in regular live lessons on Microsoft Teams. Year 7 will receive 3 hours per fortnight and Years 8 and will receive 4 hours of lessons. To provide an overview and to clarify expectations, a generic fortnightly menu of tasks for students in Years 7-9 is linked below. Further details and resources will be provided on Microsoft Teams.

Key Stages 4&5

All timetabled lessons for students in Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 will be taught through Microsoft Teams. Some lessons will be very focused and teacher led while others will include longer independent tasks. Students should log in promptly so that they can be registered and instructions given out. Class teachers can also email sixth form students directly with more precise instructions and feedback. All students have assignments for completion on Microsoft Teams and the relevant resources are available there. If you have any questions or are struggling to access the material, please email: cowleyenglishdepartment@sthelens.org.uk