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Literacy at Cowley

Word of the week 16th May 2016
present in large quantities; plentiful.
E.g.  The player was a prolific goalscorer

Encouraging reading at Cowley has always been a key focus and the introduction of the global tool, Accelerated Reader, into the College a few years back has had a significant impact on improving reading skills.

Accelerated Reader is a system used in increasing numbers of schools in the UK and around the world to promote reading skills and enjoyment. Students are assessed to determine their reading ability, and can then choose from a range of recommended titles at their reading level. Once they have finished a book, they complete a simple quiz to check that they have read and understood it, and then are given a further list of recommended titles to choose from.

Students can build their reading skills and stamina, and are not put off by books that are too basic or too demanding for them. They also have fun completing quizzes and earning points along the way towards individual or class targets. Struggling readers are well supported, and high achievers are encouraged to read books that really engage and challenge them. Teachers can track progress book by book, and tailor recommendations to individual needs.
We have 102 Y7 pupils (56 girls and 46 boys) who have achieved their reading target this term, and 118 Y8 pupils (59 girls and 59 boys).

The cumulative totals for the words read (form groups) are extremely encouraging. The winning forms are 7V, who collectively read 5,540,745 words and 8I, with a total of 5,923,488 words read. There has been a lot of reading this term!

These figures are really encouraging and are increasing every year. The Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) initiative is helping to improve reading and I want to take this opportunity to thank fellow teaching staff and parents for their continued support.

Mrs Pennington
Teacher of English and Literacy Coordinator