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Students wow with solid performance of gritty play



Six Performing Arts students from Year 12 and Year 13 take centre stage in delivering Enda Walsh’s chiller of a thriller, Chatroom.

The play is a kind of technological Lord of the Flies, featuring six characters, all about 15 years old, holed up in their bedrooms conversing in online chatrooms.

As the play progresses, we meet the desperately unhappy Jim, who was cruelly abandoned by his father as a child, is contemplating suicide.

Unfortunately, he connects on the net with the scarily articulate and mean William, who offers no end of forceful arguments as to why Jim should indeed top himself. The tension builds as the play progresses and the performances become edgier, more crisp and frighteningly scary; the acting is outstanding.

Running at about an hour long, Chatroom certainly fulfils its promise as stated in the programme: “Punchy and provocative.”

A must see! Show runs Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June. 7.30pm, Cowley International Hall. £3