Grease is the word!


  • Cast can reserve tickets from today (30th September)
  • Open reservations from next Monday (7th November)


  • Tuesday 5th November, 7.30pm
    Please note that this is a ‘open dress rehearsal’, therefore tickets are £5 for this showing
  • Wednesday 6th November, 7.30pm
  • Thursday 7th November, 7.30pm 
  • Friday 8th November, 7.30pm
  • Saturday 9th November, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

The show will take place in the Emerald Theatre (formerly known as the Cowley International Hall) on the 11-16 site.

Tickets can be purchased through the ticket office by emailing or telephone 01744 678030. Tickets are priced at £10.

Please note – all tickets are sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis and are not for reservation, payment will be needed on purchase of tickets.


As we approach the show, rehearsals will become more intensive, including rehearsals over the half term break.  Students who are involved in the production should speak with Mr Watkins if they cannot attend rehearsal.

Half term Rehearsals

  • Sunday 27th  October 10-2:30pm
  • Monday 28th  October 10-3:00pm
  • Tuesday 29th  October 10-3:00 pm
  • Wednesday 30th  October  10-3:00pm
  • Thursday 31st October 10-3:00pm
  • Friday 1st November 10-2:30pm
  • Sunday 3rd November 11-5:00pm (Band call)