junior maths challenge 2020

Cowley students from 7R1, 7B1, 8R1 and 8B1 will take part in the 2020 Junior Mathematical Challenge ran by the UK Mathematics Trust.

This year, the challenge will take place online with Cowley students taking the challenge on Wednesday 1st July at 11:00am.

The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute competition with 25 multiple choice challenging maths questions to answer. Students across the whole of the UK take part.

Bronze, silver and gold named certificates will be awarded for the top performers in the challenge.

The Cowley students involved should have already received details of their user names and password to log in to the system via email, alongside information of practice papers to help them prepare for the challenge.

If you have any queries, please contact the Maths department via email to cowleymathsdepartment@sthelens.org.uk.