Battlefield visit and assemblies

Link to Legacy 110 Project blog from Year 12 student, Caitlin Williams, on the visit to the battlefields


On Sunday 13th November, Mr Edwards, History teacher and two Cowley students visited Flanders field in Belgium as part of a four-day educational tour.

The visit allowed students to learn at first-hand about the sacrifices made by the troops and the personal stories of those involved in the war effort.

Mr Edwards leads an assembly about the Battlefields visit

Mr Edwards and the students involved in the visit led their first assembly with Year 8 on Monday, 28th November to discuss the tour and to talk about the historical importance of the sites visited and to reflect on how our present day is shaped by the past.  The poignant and moving assembly, which was prepared by one of the students who attended the Battlefield trip, Lydia, included details about what was seen during the visit and also words that were commonly used in the war that we still use today, such as chat and scran.

A particular moving part of the assembly was when Mr Edwards explained that the group had been tasked tracing two St Helens soldiers who had fought in the war.  This really brought home to all present at the assembly the reality of war and how far and wide the impact was felt.