Over 300 students celebrate 100% attendance

As we race towards the end of another term, we want to celebrate those students who achieved 100% attendance for the first two terms.

At the half way point of the year, Mr Bennett led an assembly  celebrating the fact that over 300 Cowley students still had 100% attendance.

All the students were invited to a celebration assembly in which they received a certificate to acknowledge their achievement, all parents/carers were also sent a letter to recognise this brilliant accomplishment.

The challenge now is to remain at 100% for the remainder of the year!

Why is 100% attendance important?

We want you to achieve, be happy and to feel that you belong to our College community. Obviously, you need to be in College 100% of the time to achieve 100% of your best.

Just as important though is the impact poor attendance has on your self-esteem, your friendship groups and your relationships with staff.

A student with poor attendance will fall behind in their work, feel out of the loop with friends and it will be difficult for teachers to get to know and help them in the areas they need extra support.

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