students demonstrate nerves of steel in our stock market challenge

On 28th and 29th January, Cowley’s Year 9 students took part in the Stock Market Challenge.

The teams had to work together to decide what shares to buy…and when to sell! News reports came in throughout the challenge offering updates on companies that were set to do well – and on factors that could see a drop in share price.

Students were in teams of four, each comprising of: an Investment Analyst, a Floor Trader, a Finance Manager and a Media Analyst.

The challenge provided students with a chance to increase their business and economic understanding, put their mathematics to the test and develop key skills such as team working, problem solving, critical thinking, analysing information and communication in a time-pressured and competitive game environment.

Teams navigated their way through fast-moving, constantly changing market conditions with the aim of maximising their investment opportunities based on quick and accurate analysis of company news by all members of each investment team working together.

On the day of the challenge, students from Year 10 also took part as ‘bankers’ to recreate a real-time trading floor.