Letter to parents and carers – Class Charts

26 July 2021

Dear Parent/Carer


After a challenging year, we want students to know how important it is to recognise their efforts and to celebrate their success. The staff at Cowley continue to help students to do their very best and will do whatever it takes to support them in a proud and productive year of achievement.

Class Charts
From September, we will be using an excellent new software package called Class Charts which will help us to broadcast good news about:

  • Achievements: when a student displays one of our Cowleian attributes, teachers will award achievement points which will be broadcast instantly to parents, carers, tutors and heads of achievement to share in their success.
  • Accolades: students will earn accolades for their attendance, good conduct, and for representing the college in sports, performing arts and other enrichment activities. Class Charts will allow the college to recognise this accolade through e-certificates, letters of achievement
  • Reward Store: students will be able to cash in their conduct points for rewards that they have chosen.
  • Behaviours & Detentions: you will be able to track your child’s conduct and have live updates about their daily performance in school. This includes being sent details about detentions at the time that they are issued.

There are many exciting developments with Class Charts to follow: in the future, homework and reports could be issued using the app and there is a live feedback tool for you to have more timely communication with staff.

Class Charts will replace Edulink as our online platform and we want all parents and carers to benefit from its use. We therefore need current and up-to-date email addresses for all parents and carers of the students attending next year.

Please complete the slip you have been sent (with this letter) via email with the current email addresses for all relevant parents and carers for each student and return to College by Friday 30th July 2021. If you have any questions about this, please contact our staff in Student Services who will be ready to help you.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Cormack