Nursing Cadets Visited by CCG

On Thursday 25th January, our Year 12 Nursing Cadets gave presentations to 4 visitors from the Clinical Commissioning Group. The nurses presented their ideas on how to provide young people with information about which NHS services would offer them the most suitable treatment in any given situation. Their aim is to help to reduce wasted and unnecessary appointments and to help people better understand the services available to them ranging from the Pharmacy and GP through to A&E and the Hospital. Using social media as a platform for sharing the information, their ideas included using Instagram and Snap Chat accounts to deliver advice in a fun and engaging manner. The students hope to further deliver their message by creating a Health Day as part of the TalkFest event.

Our guests from the CCG included 2 nurses, a pharmacist and a doctor so the students also had the opportunity of asking them for advice on finding work placements and about their own experiences of working in the health care industry.

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