Bus service – important


We have been made aware that Halton Transport are experiencing issues. We don’t know to what extent fully.

We have two school buses that are run by Halton: 757 (Alfred St, Town Centre) and 760 (Clinkham Wood)

At this moment, we do not know any more. But we will post any news we receive as and when we get it.

We advise parents and carers to please make alternative arrangements for their child to get home today (23rd January 2020) and to school tomorrow, if any of these bus services are used.

Please share for anyone who doesn’t follow our page and who this news could affect.

Update 4pm:

This is the update we have received from Ask Merseytravel with regards to Halton Transport bus services:

We are aware of concerns being raised by passengers and we’re monitoring the situation. In the meantime please visit Halton Borough Council website for further information and updates at https://hbcnewsroom.co.uk/statement-on-bus-provision-in-ha…/