Word of the Week

Each week, Mrs Pennington, Teacher of English and Cowley’s  Literacy Co-ordinator, chooses a word of the week, or WOW as it’s affectionately known in the college.

Every time a student uses the WOW in their work, they are praised and achievement points are awarded.

This week’s word of the week is:

Avarice (noun)
Definition: extreme greed for wealth or material gain.
Examples in a sentence: Motivated by avarice, the employee stole thousands of pounds from the company vault.
Her only motivation for suing the wealthy businessman was pure avarice
Etymology: 1300, “inordinate desire of gaining and possessing wealth,” fifth of the seven deadly sins, from Old French avarice “greed, covetousness” (12c.), from Latin avaritia “greed, inordinate desire,” from avarus “greedy, grasping,” adjectival form of avere “crave, long for, be eager,” from Proto-Italic *awe- “to be eager,” …
Synonyms: Greed, Cupidity, Materialism, Rapacity.

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