Cowley Rewards Store – Black Friday Sales!

For one week only, there are massive reductions available in the Cowley Rewards Store as the Black Friday sales commence!

You will be aware that Cowley moved over to Class Charts at the start of this academic year, with effort and behaviour being rewarded with points awarded within the app, which is accessible by both students and parents/carers.

These points can be converted into prizes via the Cowley Rewards Store, with different prizes available at the different levels of points earned.

As part of the Black Friday sales, students can convert just 250 points for one of the snap prizes: a book of your choice, a set of 10 x fineliner pens, a football, a raffle ticket for a chance to win Bluetooth earphones and a rugby ball.

Meanwhile, the cinema trip, with travel and ticket included to see the new Spiderman film in January, which was 500 points, is now reduced to just 350 points!

Students are already enjoying the new Rewards Store, with one of the popular items being the ‘Wednesday Hot Ticket’, allowing students early access to the canteen to receive VIP treatment before the remainder of the students come in.

For more information about the Cowley Rewards Store, how it works and how students can claim their rewards prizes, please watch the video below where Mr Betts will explain all.

If you haven’t already, parents/carers can download Class Charts on Android or iPhone to keep track of their child’s progress.