Stay safe when travelling to and from College

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance, so we have put together a bit of advice for parents and carers surrounding safety in the community and, in particular, when travelling to and from College.

Go directly to College
Ensure that your child understands the importance of travelling directly to College, without stops or diversions.

Stranger danger
Explain the principles of ‘stranger danger’ to your child. Make sure they know not to stop to talk to anyone on the way to school and to ignore any drivers who might slow down to speak to them. Tell them never to accept a ride from anyone unexpected.

Be aware of traffic safety
If walking to College, take care to tell your child to walk on the pavement, wherever possible. You might like to walk with them the first few times and to work out the safest route together. Make sure your child knows to stop at red lights and to always look both ways before crossing the road. Remind them to stop, look and listen.

Travel with others
If possible, encourage your child to travel to College with a friend/s who live nearby.

Be visible
Buy reflective or bright clothing or accessories for your child to ensure that they are visible to vehicles. This is particularly important if your child is likely to be walking very early in the morning or in the afternoon in winter months, when light levels are lower. These clothes and accessories are usually lightweight, meaning that they won’t take up much room in your child’s school bag once they arrive at College.

Keep away from the kerb
Teach your child to assert their place on the pavement. Explain to them that they should keep away from the kerb and that on no account should they allow other pedestrians to force them into the road.

Stay alert
Explain to your child the importance of having your wits about you whilst travelling. Advise your child not to talk on a mobile phone and to avoid listening to music if possible too.