For the attention of Y12 & Y13 Parents/Carers/Students

The sixth form team have understandably been receiving a number of enquires about the awarding of grades.

For all students due to sit examinations this summer there has been a bit more detail on how A Levels, GCSE and other grades will be awarded. I’ve attached an article from ‘Schools Week’ that outlines some key points.

There is also a 50 something page consultation on the OFQUAL website if you have the appetite for it.

Staff will be working on a fair and structured way of calculating a grade, taking into account everything that they can to judge the grade they believe you would have got if you had completed all exams etc. These are not simply predicted grades or previous mock exam results, but a centre assessed grade reflecting everything we know about each individual and the journey they had yet to travel. We are not allowed to share this with you – so please don’t ask. It is vital that we maintain the integrity of the process at all stages in order to protect our students.

Results will be released on the original A Level results day – 13th August and GCSE results day – 20th August. We will tell you how this will work nearer to the time depending on the situation on college opening / social distancing by August.

If you read the article you’ll notice that if teachers share grades before this date that would be malpractice (and could jeopardise everyone’s grades) and that if pupils or parents  pressure staff or try to influence grades this could also come under malpractice and put a candidates grades at risk.

I totally understand how frustrating this is, but you need to trust us and let us get it done. If we produce grades that the exam boards think are too generous they will adjust them likewise if they think we are too harsh. As a year group you are on target to get some exceptional results, so we need to make sure this happens.

Finally can I remind you what I said before we closed? Our college community has not gone anywhere, we are all still here for each other. Please get in touch with your form tutor, your teachers, Jill, Jo, Mr Dunford or myself, if there is anything you need or anything you want to tell us. Remember we are still here for any Safeguarding issues or any practical issues you think we could help with. Stay in touch with us and with each other and remember to be kind, and that this will all be over – eventually. 

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Faulkner