Letter to Year 10 parents/carers

22nd March 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Week beginning 22nd March 2021, Schools Officers from Merseyside Police will be delivering an educational package comprising of a short film and consequent workshop lesson plan aimed at deterring young people from carrying knives and dangerous weapons and we would like your permission for your child to take part.

The lesson will form part of the school curriculum to encourage Year 10 pupils to think twice before leaving the house, armed with a knife.

Why is this important?

Often when speaking to young people, they tell us that they are carrying a knife for their own protection. This is far from the truth and results show that those carrying a knife, are more likely to become a victim of knife crime.

The reason we are bringing the film ‘Blade’ and lesson plan to Year 10 pupils is because we are seeing younger children being coerced into gangs, getting involved in drug crime, serious violence and knife crime and we must work together to nip this in the bud; educating young people of the consequences and providing them with the means to aspire to a more positive future.

Tell me more about the film, ‘Blade’

‘Blade’ tells the story of Jac, a young boy who finds himself caught up in a gang related attack. It highlights the build-up, reasons for being part of the gang and the extreme peer pressure he faces.

Please note: The film does include moderate bad language and realistic scenes linked to this type of attack. If you would like to view the video before your child to assess whether it is appropriate, please follow this https://youtu.be/oY7UBD4akb0

What do we need from you?

If you are not happy for your child to view the video and take part in a follow up lesson, please can you email the school and notify us that you do not give permission for your child to take part in this lesson.

We hope that taking a more realistic look at the events in our area will educate our students to make more informed choices and enable them to help others that might find themselves caught up in similar situation as Jac.

Kind Regards

Mr M Bennett

Head of Behaviour and Attendance