Y10 English Holiday Homework

Y10 English Holiday Homework

English Holiday Work for Students entering Y11 in September 2016 OSN6 Childnet International Leaflet
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It is important that all our students moving from Year 10 into Year 11 continue with their studies over the holidays to ensure that they are fully prepared for the challenges of the GCSE examinations in Year 11. In English, we believe students need to keep improving the reading and writing skills that they need to be successful and for their professional lives.

For these reasons, all Year 10 students have been issued with homework to complete over the holidays on the topic of Online Social Networking. Students have copies of the relevant tasks and resources and these can be downloaded by clicking on the green links above. This is required work and in recognition of their independent efforts, all students who complete the tasks appropriately will be rewarded as long as they hand in their responses to their English teacher by Friday 9th September.

We would like to thank parents and carers for any encouragement and support they can offer in ensuring that our Year 10 students complete this work. Thank you.

 Mr Betts
Head of English